Yerevan’s buzzing honeycomb, home of Tashkhala

Yerevan’s buzzing honeycomb, home of Tashkhala

YEREVANPetag. The word means “honeycomb” in Armenian, and one can immediately sense why upon entering the building. Yerevan’s answer to CostCo, it is a structure that probably used to be a real warehouse and wasn’t just designed to look like one. Two floors of “containers,” as they are referred to; shop upon shop, shop next to shop, shop within shop, selling everything from clothes to food, to stationery, sporting goods, and cutlery. You name it, they have it all, at low, low prices. Continue reading

Murder at the Altar: An important issue, poorly handled

Murder at the Altar: An important issue, poorly handled

Great literature has something to say. The characters, the plot, the literary devices may have intrinsic interest, but they also act as vehicles to convey the message of the work.

In Murder at the Altar, it is hard to determine author Terry Phillips’ message. Continue reading

Picture a corner in the Baltic at a corner in the Caucasus

Picture a corner in the Baltic at a corner in the Caucasus

YEREVAN – The inhabitants of Yerevan’s Kond district had a rather extraordinary time on July 4 with an open-air photo exhibit showcasing their own narrow streets and old homes, alongside a similar part of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Continue reading