The Latin Lovers of Armenia

Among the samples of Yerevan’s architecture is the bridge at the end of Kievian Street.

It unfortunately has the reputation of being a favourite drop-off point for the suicides of the city. Walking across it the other day, however, I saw a series of markings on the railings that evoke happier times and thoughts.

It appears that there is a young man who is quite infatuated with a young lady. So infatuated, in fact, that he can barely express his words … Continue reading

Yerevan, July 2011. Photo Essay II

Yerevan, July 2011. Photo Essay II

Yerevan is not a very large city, but there is no lack of eye-catching and thought-provoking things around here. Some of the pictures below reflect the general surreal and out of place elements of life in Armenia, while others offer reflections on aspects of politics and society. And then, of course, I find some things to be simply funny or cool.

«Գտիր քո G-կետը»…! Continue reading

Yerevan. Photo Essay. July 2011

Yerevan. Photo Essay. July 2011

All right, so I am cheating with this first one. The truth is, I was seeking out that random flyer in Persian which I had seen the other day, but it had already been removed from where I had seen it. Suspicious. This particular flyer is advertising official translation services, which is less of an indication of a growing Farsi-speaking community in Yerevan. But still, it does imply something. The light pole on which the flyer is stuck is also advertising trips to the Georgian Black Sea coast, tatoo services, an opposition rally, and a random message by an extremist group, which, I suspect, removed that Persian flyer which I was seeking earlier. The reason for that suspicion will become clear. There is also a rag. Continue reading

Yerevan, Tbilisi. En route and back

Yerevan, Tbilisi. En route and back

I had a surprise trip to Tbilisi this weekend, accompanying a friend. I’m glad my father asked me to take the camera along, because I got some interesting shots along the way, and decided to come up with a “mini photo essay” to share.

I have a friend who once told me, “It’s impossible to take a bad picture in Armenia”. Well, she’s right. This is somewhere in the Tavoush marz, just one of a thousand and one amazing landscapes across the Homeland.

You know, it was only a day, and I have been to Tbilisi before, but I got unclear impressions, strange “vibes” from Georgia this time. Continue reading